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With this 3 in 1 pack I'll take you from 10 push-ups to unlimited push-ups a day!

This pack is for :

 - those who never done a push-up in their life

 - those who wants to start from 0 and do it properly while reshaping the upper body in perfect harmony with their body structure.

 - those who are bored of no results and wants a workout program to tick them all at once while seeing the results in no time. 


With this program I will make your upper body take the best shape it can take. 100% GUARANTEED!


* Other benefits are fat burning & looking dangerously hot!


After 15+ years of doing all kinds of exercices, I finally discovered what gives the perfect shape of the muscles for every type of body.
I've always been scared of getting a weird muscly chest, which I often see everywhere nowadays.


In this pack you will receive 3 types of push-ups in a well rounded programme. It will have benefits on biceps, triceps, back and every part of your pectorals. Will help on growing a natural and perfect shape for your upper body without working one part less than the other. 

These 3 types of exercises are the core and main exercises for guiding the muscles on growing a natural and perfect shape for your own type of body, while including all areas at once.


For a healthy and good looking body I advice you to do it gradually untill you're ready to do the ADVANCED Programme daily for the rest of your life.

I also advice you to take a picture before starting a program and one just after 30 days for your satisfaction and my testimonials. The difference will be there 100%!

Can't wait to see the results.

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