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Everytime I do abs it won't feel complete without doing my push-ups program for a full workout and satisfaction, so here comes my Workout Packs.


I presume you already are a workout person and these are not going to be your first workouts.

This pack is for those who are into working out and want a full on workout program to tick them all at once. 

The ESSENTIAL PACK - INTERMEDIATE will help your resistance & muscles grow while taking the best shape it can have in harmony with you body type.


* Other benefits are fat burning & looking dangerously good.



After 15+ years of doing all kinds of exercises, I finally discovered what gives the perfect shape of the muscles for every type of body.
I've always been scared of getting a weird muscly chest or abs, which I often see everywhere nowadays.


In this pack you will receive 11 types of exercises for abs & 3 types of push-ups in a well rounded programme. Together it will cover all upper body including: upper abs, lower abs muscles and obliques, biceps, triceps, back and every part of your pectorals.  Will help on growing a natural and perfect shape for your body without working one part less than the other. 

These 14 types of exercises are the core and main exercises for guiding the muscles on growing a natural and perfect shape for your own type of body, while including all areas at once.


I advice you to do it daily until it's too easy and you're ready for the ADVANCED PUSH-UPS program.

I also advice you to take a picture before and one after 30 days. The difference will be there 100%!

Can't wait to see the results.

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