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A familiar face of the international FreeRunning & Entertainment industry, Bogdan has managed to define a unique movement style and bring his skills to new heights.

"Looking back now and thinking that I've started Parkour & FreeRunning at the age of 11, reaching the age of 23 years old, I can literally say that I've been training for more than half of my life.


I've been a professional FreeRunner for over 7 years, working with brands or shows such as Britain’s Got Talent/ ITV, Sky, Nikki Beach, The Real Variety Show/ JLA, Avon, Vodafone, Airwheel, etc. and giving life to projects across various industries, such as FreeRunning competitions, music videos, documentaries, international events, corporate gatherings, festivals, etc."

Highlights 2014

In 2017, Bogdan starred in Romania's Got Talent Series along with 4 other urban sports athletes. The whole team managed to get a Golden Buzzer in the Audition and get as far as finishing in 2nd Place,  bringing to life some of the most complex choreographed acrobatic performances a talent show has ever seen.

Working on this production gave Bogdan the perfect opportunity to combine his passion for Free Running with his dream of showing it to the world.

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